Reason No 7

Live Twitter debate: Who are the people who will pull our planet from the brink and put it on the path to sustainability?

Hosted by: Thomson Reuters

When: 10AM EST/ 4PM CET, November 19th

Every day, news headlines and science reports reflect a world increasingly impacted by unsustainable trends and catastrophic climate events. But in fact, disaster is avoidable.

Who will take a leadership role in the weeks ahead and what will the consequences of inaction be?

Ahead of the Paris Climate Change Conference, join us on November 19th at 10AM EST for a special Twitter chat (#susty7) where we discuss what it will take for the Paris talks to deliver ambitious outcomes that will have a real impact on tackling climate change.

Our panel of experts joining the chat include:

Host: Tim Nixon, Managing Editor, Thomson Reuters Sustainability

  • Caltech — Harry Atwater

  • Amundi — Frederic Samama

  • Mercer — Alex Bernhardt

  • The Economist Intelligence Unit - Martin Koehring

  • WWF